Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Approval of Funding for Organisation Improvement Projects06/03/2018For Determination04/04/2018
Dorset's Growth Deal: Transport Scheme Funding Change06/03/2018For Determination04/04/2018
Wareham Footbridge Ramps06/03/2018For Determination04/04/2018
Sufficiency of SEND Education Provision - Resourced Provision Bases06/03/2018For Determination04/04/2018
Approval of the introduction of a new policy to identify the key leadership actions for organisations that operate goods and passenger vehicles under an Operator's Licence06/02/2018For Determination04/04/2018
Bridport Care Village06/02/2018For Determination04/04/2018
Approval to sign Memoranda of Understanding for a number of Locality Areas committing partners to work together to jointly develop plans to re-provision and enhance Health, Social Care and Housing services in localities across Dorset02/01/2018For Determination
Asset Management Report02/01/2018For Determination05/12/2018
Residential Care - Children's Services (outcome from consultation)19/12/2017For Determination04/04/2018
Bridport Care Village19/12/2017For Determination17/10/2018
Update on progress made to take the Purbeck Memorandum of Understanding19/12/2017For Determination02/05/2018
Variation to Dorset Highways Policy to expand delivery options for works to amend the existing highway required to facilitate new development (Ref: PolDH50003)19/12/2017For Determination02/05/2018
Quarterly Asset Management Report19/12/2017For Determination26/09/2018
Quarterly Asset Management Report19/12/2017For Determination13/06/2018
Medium Term Financial Plan Update19/12/2017For Determination17/10/2018
Medium Term Financial Plan Update and Outturn for 2017/1819/12/2017For Determination13/06/2018
Approval of the Alternative Provision Strategy for Dorset County Council area17/10/2017For Determination02/05/2018
0-5 Community Offer19/09/2017For Determination04/04/2018
Health and Wellbeing Board Update20/12/2016For Determination