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Pension Fund Committee

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Information about Pension Fund Committee

To exercise all functions of the Council as administering authority under the Local Government Superannuation Act and Regulations and deal with all matters relating thereto.


In broader terms this means that the Committee has responsibility for:


*  Determining the overall investment strategy and strategic asset allocation of the Fund, and in doing so taking proper professional advice

*  Overseeing the preparation of and regularly reviewing the Fund’s key policy documents including the Statement of Investment Principles (SIP), Funding Strategy Statement, Governance Policy and Compliance Statement, Business Plan, Communications Strategy

*  Appointing and reviewing the performance of all Fund Managers and other professional service providers

*  Reviewing all aspects of performance across the Pension Fund service

*  Deciding upon requests for admission of qualifying organisations wishing to join the Fund

*  Deciding upon key pension policy and discretions that are the responsibility of the    Administering Authority

*  Ensuring that at all times that these responsibilities are discharged in the best interests of the Fund.

* Making appointments to the Pension Board of the Dorset County Pension Fund.


Membership:  9 (all with voting rights) comprising 5 members of the County Council, (not more than two being members of the Cabinet), 1 nominated by Bournemouth Borough Council, 1 nominated by the Borough of Poole and 1 representing Dorset District Councils, plus 1 scheme member nominated by the unions.


Note:  As an exception to Council Procedure Rule 51(d), the Chairman and Vice Chairman may be any member of the Committee with voting rights.