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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

1. To lead the community planning process, both within the region and locally, and the search for best value.


2. To oversee the formulation of and to recommend to the full Council the approval of strategies to promote the economic, social and environmental well-being of Dorset.


3. To oversee the formulation of and to recommend to the full Council approval of all major policies, strategies and plans.


4. To lead the preparation of the County Council's policies and budget.


5. To recommend to the full Council approval of the statement of accounts.


6. To recommend to the Standards Committee any changes to the constitution of the County Council.


7. To take in-year decisions on resources and priorities, together with other stakeholders and partners in the local community and to deliver and implement the budget and policies decided by full Council.


8. To be the focus for forming partnerships with other public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations to address local needs.


9. To oversee the County Council's consultation requirements and communication arrangements.


10. To oversee the County Council's forward plan for key decisions.


11. To request task and finish studies by Overview and Policy Development Committees and the Audit and Scrutiny Committee, as appropriate.


12. To establish Executive Advisory Panels and notify the County Council and proper officer of their role and composition (which need not reflect political balance).


13. To respond to recommendations and reports from Overview and Policy Development and Overview and Scrutiny Committees.


14. To approve service plans.


15. To approve overall arrangements for securing the efficient and effective management of all the authority's resources including land, property, finance and personnel.


16. To authorise the making of compulsory purchase orders.


17. To approve, monitor and review corporate policies and standards on a programme basis.


18. Any function under a Local Act, other than quasi-judicial functions.


19. The determination of appeals, not within the terms of reference of quasi-judicial committees, against any decision made by or on behalf of the authority.


20. The appointment of members on outside bodies, consultative bodies and joint committees with other local authorities in relation to functions which are the responsibility of the Executive.


21. The powers and duties of the County Council in relation to:

a) magistrates' courts

b) the Probation Service

c) the Police Authority

d) the Fire Authority


22. Except for those functions delegated to the quasi-judicial/appellate committees.

a) The powers and duties of the County Council in relation to:

i) archives and museums

ii) coroners

iii) data protection

iv) civil contingencies

v) food safety

vi) registration of births, deaths and marriages

vii) trading standards and animal health

viii) libraries

ix) the arts

x) charities


b) the powers and duties of the County Council as Local Education Authority.


c) the powers and duties of the County Council.

i) as County Planning Authority (including consideration and approval of strategic plans).

ii) as Highway Authority, including traffic regulation business referred by the Regulatory Committee

iii) as Waste Disposal Authority

iv) as Public Transport Authority

v) as Traffic Authority

vi) and in relation to:-

       economic development

       coast protection


       school crossing patrols

       countryside, recreational and sporting facilities


       land drainage


       county farms

       gypsy sites

       building and environment conservation



d) the powers and duties of the County Council as local Social Services Authority.


e) to approve the preparation, submission and modification of the Dorset Local Area Agreement.



The Leader of the County Council plus 6 members including the Deputy Leader not being members of the Overview or Scrutiny Committees nor the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the County Council.