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Dorset Waste Partnership Joint Committee

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Information about Dorset Waste Partnership Joint Committee

Part 1 - Statutory Functions


The management of waste which includes the collection, disposal, treatment and recycling of household and commercial waste along with street cleansing (provided that nothing herein shall prevent the entering into of arrangements pursuant to schedule 5 paragraph 2.5)


Part II – Activities


In performance of the statutory functions referred to in Part I the Joint Committee shall also undertake the following activities on behalf of the Partner Authorities:


1.            hold the Director to account for the management of the Contracts for the delivery of an integrated waste management service across the County of Dorset in so far as such service relates to all or any of the areas of the Partner Authorities through the Senior Management Team and in accordance with legislation and the terms of this Agreement;


2          approve and implement the Business Plan;


3          ensure that the legal and statutory functions delegated to it by the Partner Authorities are being discharged effectively with a risk management framework;


4.         assist the Partner Authorities in meeting their respective responsibilities such as, but limited to, emergency planning and responding to civil emergencies and elections;


5.         Monitor, review, agree and recommend to each Partner Authority the Waste Strategy, Business Plan and any medium term financial plan in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;


6.         Monitor performance of the DWP including customer satisfaction;


7.         Agree the Capital Programme, to allow the DWP Treasurer to take it

through the Host Authority's capital programme approval process;


8.         Approve Key Decisions, defined in the Dorset Waste Partnership Scheme of delegation as "decisions where the financial implications for the Joint Committee exceed £500,000 [or which are likely to have a significant effect on a division or divisions represented by at least two members.]


9.         Appoint the Director;


10.       approve the calculation of revenue and financial costs in accordance with Schedule 5.