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Joint Public Health Board

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Information about Joint Public Health Board

1. Role

The Joint Public Health Board (the Board) is a joint executive body and will

be responsible for public health functions of an executive nature of

Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council and the Borough of

Poole for so long as the three councils are working in partnership.


2. Membership

The Board will consist of two voting members drawn from the executives of

each of the three partner councils (a total of six members). Each council

may at any time appoint replacement members to serve on the Board

provided that any such member must be a member of that authority's

executive. Notice of any change should be provided to the Democratic

Services Manager of the County Council as host authority for the



Each authority may also nominate one non executive member to attend

the Board as a non voting member.


3. Chairmanship

The Chairman shall be elected annually from amongst the six executive

members by a majority vote. In the event of an equality of votes lots shall

be drawn to determine the chairmanship.


4. Quorum

The quorum for meetings of the Board shall be one voting member from

each of the three councils.


5. Frequency of meetings

The Board shall meet as a minimum four times a year, usually in July,

November, February and May and subject to room availability the venue

for meetings will rotate meeting by meeting around the offices of the three



Additional meetings of the Board shall take place as determined by the

Board in order to fulfil its work programme.


Further meetings shall be convened if requested by any two members of

the Board.


6. Officers

The lead officer for the Board shall be the Director for Public Health and he

shall recommend to the Board a proposed scheme of delegation to



As host authority the County Council will convene meetings of the Board

and will provide administrative, financial and legal advice.


7. Standing Orders

The business of the Board shall be regulated by the standing orders and

procedure rules of the County Council as host authority except to the

extent that they are superseded by the Shared Service Agreement

between the three partner councils.



8. Terms of Reference

I.          Discharge of the public health functions of the three councils under

            the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and setting of direction and

            policy in respect of public health.

II.         Approve and monitor delivery of Public Health Business Plan.

III.        Receive and respond to reports from the subgroups of the Board.

IV.       Monitor progress and performance in delivery of mandatory public

            health programmes across and within the three local authorities.

V.         Monitor progress and performance against local and national

            indicators and outcome measures.

VI.       Acting within the requirements of the Code of Practice in Local

            Government Publicity to seek to influence and advise, local and

            central government and other agencies on public health issues.

VII.      Ensure that NHS and other local authority partners remain informed

            of developing public health issues, locally, nationally and


VIII.     Support the host authority and the Director in the performance of their


IX.       To receive and approve the annual budget and monitor budget