Committee details

Dorset Health and Wellbeing Board

Purpose of committee

The Dorset Health and Wellbeing Board will:


a) Identify outcome and investment priorities from the key groups that report to the HWB.


b) Hold partners to account for achieving improved outcomes by developing and updating the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and by developing and updating the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.


c) Measure progress against local plans, including the Clinical Commissioning Group Strategy and the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, to ensure action is taken to improve outcomes when monitoring or performance indicators show that plans are not working.


d) Develop, approve and implement the Better Care Fund and any future developments related to the Better Care Fund, as well as anticipating future policy developments in terms of integration and system change between the NHS and local government partners.


e) Assist in the development and ‘sign off’ of the Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing.


f) Encourage and oversee integrated working between health and social care commissioners, including providing advice, assistance and other support to encourage commissioning, pooled budget and/or integrated provision in connection with the provision of health and social care services.


g) Ensure that the patient / service user voice, including that of seldom heard groups and children and young people, is intrinsic to the commissioning cycle and commissioning decisions.


h) Develop a strategic approach to tackling health inequalities in Dorset and support communities to achieve wellbeing.


i) Function as a place-based delivery board to oversee the Prevention at Scale and Integrated Community Services / Primary Care elements of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.


j) Provide an effective link to NHS England.


k) Provide an effective link to local NHS commissioning decisions and strategy.


l) Consider Equality and Diversity issues and deliver its public sector equalities duties under the Equality Act 2010.


m) Work cooperatively with the Bournemouth and Poole HWB and develop opportunities to share views and expertise in the development and delivery of common goals and priorities.


n) Liaise and cooperate with the Dorset Health Scrutiny Committee as set out under the Memorandum of Understanding agreed by both parties in September 2015.


o) Make timely and effective decisions.


Membership - Total 19

Elected Members (3 in total)

County Council (2 Cabinet Members in total)

District / Borough Council (1 representative to represent all)

Local Authority Officers (5 in total)

Director for Adult and Community Services DCC

Director for Children’s Services DCC

Director of Public Health DCC / NHS

Director for Environment and the Economy DCC

District / Borough Council (1 representative to represent all)

NHS Representatives (7 in total)

Locality Executive Teams (GPs) (3 in total)

Chairman of Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group Board

Clinical Commissioning Group Accountable Officer

NHS England

Local NHS Provider Trust

Other (4 in total)


Voluntary Sector

Chief Constable for Dorset

Chief Fire Officer for Dorset and Wiltshire


Contact information

Support officer: Helen Whitby, Senior Democratic Services Officer. 01305 224187 - Email:

Postal address:
County Hall
Colliton Park