Committee details

Dorset Police and Crime Panel Complaints Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


a)    To consider and take action with regards to non-criminal complaints against the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset and criminal complaints and conduct matters that are referred back to the Panel by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), on behalf of the Dorset Police and Crime Panel.


b)    To deal with complaints in accordance with the Complaints Protocol as agreed by the Dorset Police and Crime Panel. 


c)    To fulfil functions in relation to complaints about conduct matters in accordance with the responsibilities placed on the panel by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.


Frequency of meetings


d)    The sub-committee will be convened as and when complaints are referred to the panel as set out within section 4 of the complaints protocol.  If a significant number of complaints are received, the sub-committee may decide it needs to establish a series of meetings to deal with the complaints.  




e)    The sub-committee will be comprised of 5 panel members and should, as far as is possible, reflect the political and geographical balance of the panel itself.