Committee details

Regulatory Committee

Purpose of committee

Planning Matters
1. In relation to County matters (with the exception of slurry stores in the areas of these districts that have accepted delegations from the County Council to determine these matters) and applications under Regulation 3 of the Town and Country Planning General Regulations 1992, to determine applications for:-
(i) Planning Permission
(ii) Certificates of lawfulness of existing use or development
(iii) Certificates of lawfulness of proposed use or development
2. To respond to consultations on development proposals of strategic importance, by making recommendations to the Cabinet.
3. In relation to review powers incorporated in the Environment Act 1995.
(i) The approval of conditions and updating of old mineral permissions.
(ii) Carrying out a periodic review of all mineral permissions.
4. Enforcement of planning control.
5. To make orders for the modification, suspension, revocation, discontinuance or prohibition of mineral workings.
6. Power to enforce or dispense with the duty to replace trees whether inside Conservation Areas or not and to grant consents under a Tree Preservation Order, also functions relating to the protection of hedgerows.

Roads and Rights of Way Matters
7. Making recommendations to the Cabinet on traffic regulation including:-
(i) Making of traffic regulation orders
(ii) installation of minor traffic calming measures
(iii) aids to pedestrian movement
(iv) provision for cyclists
8. Legal proceedings and enforcement action relating to roads and bridges.
9. Power to make New Street Byelaws.
10. To review the Definitive Map and Statement of Rights of Way.
11. To determine applications to modify the Definitive Map and Statement of Rights of Way.
12. To consider applications for the creation, diversion and extinguishment of rights of way including power to create footpaths and bridleways.
13. To promote and protect the rights of the public to use and enjoy highways.
14. The functions of the County Council as registration authority for commons and town and village greens.

Licensing and Registration Matters
15. Power to issue, amend or replace safety certificates (whether general or special) for sports grounds,
16. Power to issue, cancel, amend or replace safety certificates for regulated stands at sports grounds.
17. Power to licence the employment of children.
18. To hear and determine appeals from applicants for or existing holders of "approved premises" licences in accordance with the Marriage Act 1949 (as amended).
19. To determine applications made under Section 7 of the Explosives Act 1875 (now amended to the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulation 2005) for the establishment of a factory or magazine.
20. The functions of the County Council in relation to elections.

Membership: 10 from April 2018 (not being members of the Cabinet).  Each political group shall also be entitled to one substitute member.



Contact information

Support officer: David Northover. Email: - 01305 224175

Postal address:
County Hall
Colliton Park

Phone: 01305224175