Committee details

Audit and Governance Committee

Purpose of committee

Delivering good outcomes for the residents and communities we serve through a constructive, proactive and objective consideration of the Council’s;


i) Financial, risk, governance and internal control framework

ii) Ethical principles and standards


The Committee also has the sole responsibility and ability to use specific constitutional powers through;


The ‘CALL TO ACCOUNT’’ process to:-

i) Scrutinise and review decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the Executive functions of the Council.

ii) Consider petitions made in accordance with the County Council’s Petitions Scheme requiring senior Officers to be called to account at a public meeting of the Council.


The ‘CALL IN’ process to consider;

i) Executive decisions

ii) Matters referred through the Councillor Call for Action.

iii) (At the request of a petition organiser) to review the adequacy of steps taken by the County Council in response to a qualifying petition.


AUDIT (Assurance)

1. To provide the Council with independent assurance in relation to:

i) internal and external audit and organisation-wide external inspection reports

ii) financial controls, data quality, risk management and other internal control systems

iii) the integrity of the financial reporting and annual governance processes

iv) financial irregularities and losses

2. To consider procedural issues relating to the Account and Audit Regulations.

3. To scrutinise and authorise the County Council's Statement of Accounts, including the Statement of Internal Control.

4. To review any Auditor's reports under the Statement of Auditing Standards (SAS 610), consider the officer recommendations and make proposals to the County Council regarding the formal response to be given to the Auditor.

5. Supporting the Chief Financial Officer in his/her statutory role.



1. Overseeing and reporting to the County Council on proposed changes to the Council’s Constitution (save for the Scheme of Members’ Allowances which will be subject to consideration and recommendation direct to the County Council by the Independent Remuneration Panel).

2. To receive the Council’s Annual Governance Statement and Local Code of Corporate Governance compliance assessment to evaluate the Council’s governance arrangements.

3. Consider any findings of maladministration by the Local Government Ombudsman.

4. Advise the County Council on the adoption or revision of the Members’ Code of Conduct and monitoring its operation to ensure adherence to high standards across the Council.

5. Providing advice and/or training on matters relating to the Members’ Code of Conduct.

6. Making representations to the Government, Local Government Association and other external bodies on matters relating to the General Principles of Conduct for members or employees of the County Council.

7. Advising members, co-opted members and church and parent governor representatives as to the rules for disclosure of interests and for granting dispensations.

8. Overseeing the Council’s Protocol for Member/Officer Relations and the Whistleblowing, Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Strategy and other probity related documents.

9. Overseeing the development and implementation of a Code of Practice for elected members representing the County Council on the boards of voluntary organisations and other independent bodies.

10. Supporting the Monitoring Officer in his/her statutory role.


Contact information

Support officer: Denise Hunt, Senior Democratic Services Officer. 01305 224878 - Email:

Postal address:
County Hall
Colliton Park

Phone: 01305 224878


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