Committee details

Economic Growth Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Delivering good outcomes for the residents and communities we serve through a constructive, proactive and objective approach to the consideration, scrutiny and review of policies, strategies, financial and performance issues.



- To review and develop policy at the Committee's own initiative or at the request of the Cabinet or the Public Health Joint Board and make recommendations to the Cabinet, Joint Committee or the Full Council.

- To oversee major consultations and make recommendations to the Cabinet, Joint Committee or the Full Council.

- To give advice on any matters as requested by the Cabinet or the Joint Committee.



- To hold the Executive to account through a process that seeks and considers necessary explanations, information and evidence to ensure good outcomes for our residents and communities.

- Through proactive scrutiny inquiry work, to contribute to improving the lives of our residents and communities, through an active contribution to the Council’s improvement agenda.

- To scrutinise key areas of strategic and operational activity and, where necessary, make recommendations to the Full Council, Cabinet or Joint Committee in respect of;

i) Matters which affect the Council's area or its residents.

ii) Performance of services in accordance with the targets in the Corporate Plan or other approved service plans.

iii) To provide a clear focus on finding efficiency savings in accordance with requirements in the Council’s financial strategy.

iv) To monitor expenditure against available budgets and, where necessary, make recommendations to the Cabinet or the Joint Committee.

v) To consider proposed budget plans, service plans and any other major planning or strategic statements and to make recommendations to the Cabinet or the Joint Committee.


Specific responsibilities for the Committees are;

‘To exercise a proactive and effective overview and scrutiny of functions to ensure the effective delivery of those specific outcomes as contained in the Corporate Plan…;’


Outcome:- To ensure that Dorset’s Economy is PROSPEROUS


A thriving local economy provides us all with more opportunities …

- New businesses thrive and existing businesses become more productive;

- More people secure the employment opportunities of their choice;

- Dorset’s residents are well educated, with the skills that Dorset’s employers need;

- Good quality, affordable homes are available for Dorset’s people;

- People and goods are able to move about the County safely and efficiently.


Membership: 10 members of the County Council not being members of the Cabinet.


Contact information

Support officer: David Northover, Senior Democratic Services Officer. 01305 224175 - Email:

Postal address:
County Hall
Colliton Park

Phone: 01305 224175


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